This tour is a must for first-time visitors since it connects two great spots of the region: Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest. 
Arrayanes National Park is a small reserve that protects Arrayanes (Myrtle) trees, which are native of the area and have a distinctive cinnamon bark with paler marks, and beautiful white flowers that cover its green crowns. A wooden path has been built through the forest, so it’s really easy to wander around and enjoy the raw nature. This reserve can be reached on by bicycle from Villa La Angostura or by boat from Bariloche. Both great ways to enjoy the surroundings from different perspectives.

Isla Victoria is an island on Nahuel Huapi lake, which is part of the Nahuel Huapi Reserve since 1934. The island is a great place to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region, where birds, deer, and many other species can be found, as well as proof of the native ancient inhabitants, which left marks on the island thousands of years ago, such as smoked painted caves and rupestrian paintings. 

As many of the surroundings in this region, the journey is as valuable as the destination. The boat ride in and out the island is a rewarding experience by itself since you will be awed by the color of the water, the Andean peaks and the abundant vegetation around. 

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