Closing days

  • All courses in Buenos Aires are closed on December 25th (Christmas) and January 1st. 
  • Almost all are closed on Mondays, the only exceptions are Cabeza de Caballo and Lomas Athletic Club.
  • Golf Courses in Patagonia are opened and playable 365 days a year (they never close).

Caddies and Karts

  • Almost all the courses are played walking. You can carry your bag, use a pull cart or ask for a caddy.
  • Only 5 Courses are playable with "KART" in Buenos Aires: PilarĂ¡, Pilar, Buenos Aires GC, San Eliseo, and Nordelta.
  • The three courses of Patagonia can be played with "KART": Chapelco GC, Llao LLao GC, and Arelauquen GC.
  • The average cost of the "KART" is around 20 - 30 USD per player.
  • The average cost of a caddy is 40 USD, plus tip. Gratitude is not compulsory but recommended. Suggested tip: around 10 USD. 
  • One caddy per golfer is the rule.


  • All the courses are measured in YARDS and to the center of the green.
  • Normally: BLUE stick is 200 yards to the center of the green, white stick 150, and RED 100.
  • Normally: BLUE pin means "back of the green", WHITE pin is "in the middle", RED pin is "at the front".