Cordoba is a province in Argentina, north of Buenos Aires, framed by the various mountain systems from the West and North of its territory.  Traditional and modern, cultural and historical from every point of view, its Spanish and Jesuit legacy is evident in Estancias and churches. Dams and reservoirs, natural and historical-cultural attractions, in addition to a prodigious climate and tourism development in multiple cities, turn the Province of Córdoba into one of the most extraordinary as far as tourism is concerned. This province has many gastronomic icons such as Fernet, a bitter alcoholic drink that is drunk across the country but has its peak of consumption here, “alfajores”, a national sweet treat that has a local twist and the increasing development of vineyards, have made Cordoba grown into a gastronomical wonderland.

Cordoba seems like a condensed version of Scotland, but with much better weather, and is a perfect place to enjoy a golfing gourmet retreat.

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